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Darcy Mayberry
21 December
"And on that day, God spoke to all the Christians, and only the Christians, telling them they will see the light, and everyone else will char in hell's kingdom"
Marcy 16:29 (NIV)

harken, darcy is a perfect being
so full of goodness and so full of light
do not concur with her way of seeing
and you'll be banned from the religious right!
if you're liberal and NOT bound for hell,
darcy will certainly give you a push.
she can pray you OUT of hades as well,
provided you decide to vote for bush.
her hair is bleached from rays of light from god
styled carefully with loads of aqua net
she even performs miracles with cod
and not just in the kitchen, you can bet!
armed with her christian soldier flag unfurled,
she'll crush all the deviants of this world!

Thanks to meserveygreene